14-15 October 2009

A 2-day meeting for the organization of MEDACID program, held in Bologna, with the participation of all project partners.

This meeting was the occasion for the partners to know each other and  to better understand the skills and the expertise of the consortium members.

The main goal was to better define the project proposal outline, the general strategy and the scientific and technological aspects of the Workplan.

IMG_8942 IMG_8943 IMG_8945
The meeting hall waiting for the project participants.


Sitting in the hall and preparing for the meeting to start.
IMG_8949 IMG_8952 IMG_8953
Stefano Goffredo (Department of Evolutionary and Experimental Biology of the University of Bologna, Italy) speaking with Giuseppe Falini (Department of Chemistry of the University of Bologna, Italy), about the last project details.


The meeting starts with a presentation of all partners.
IMG_8954 IMG_8963 IMG_8957
Everybody listens carefully to each other's presentation. Zvy Dubinsky (Bar-Ilan University of Ramat Gan, Israel) illustrates the main points to address during the project.


Josť Luis Arias (University of Chile) explains his theories regarding the project.
IMG_8965 IMG_8978 IMG_8970
Giuseppe Falini explains the focus of his researches during the last years.


At the end of the presentations, Alessandro Zamboni (EU Research Support of the University of Bologna) explains the economic and dissemination aspects of the project.
IMG_8974 IMG_8966 IMG_8986
Everybody is very concentrated in the hall. At the end of the meeting...


IMG_8988 IMG_8989 IMG_8990
...the time has come for questions, all of which have been exaustively replied.